salute a real nigga when you see one

Next level Marketing

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Straight White Boy Problem #439


why do other dudes rep snapbacks from places across the country? my friend has a Yankees snapback and i asked him if he was from New York and he said no. i asked him if he even liked the yankees and he said no. i was like ‘dude why you wearin that snapback then?’ and he was like ‘its all good man’ so i still dont know

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Eminem make music for that one kid that yell “PENIS” in class

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girl: *bends over in nothing but her draws* its yours daddy do whatever you want


me: *plays clipse grinding beat on her asscheeks*

girl: *does the cheek tapping noise*

her dad from downstairs: from ghetto to ghetto from backyard to yard

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when you mistake an 8 year old for Ariana Grande

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